The difference between the kraft paper and the bleached paper


Compared with bleached paper, kraft paper has many unique advantages.

For home food packaging, such as barbecue food or homely food, natural brown of kraft paper makes the packaging look warm and nostalgic. The wooden decoration is the main body, the steak restaurant with country flavor, the takeaway food packaging kraft paper, even if not in the dining room can also feel the restaurant style. The unique appearance of kraft paper is also more prominent than the overall white packaging.

Because many food packaging designs are designed to provide convenience or practicality, the strength of kraft paper is another advantage. The outer packing must be strong enough so that the customers' meals can be wrapped without making them fall off. Similarly, a beverage cup must be kept in a humid environment without letting coffee flow onto the thigh of the customer.

Strength is also the main factor considered by frozen food, because the packaging of frozen foods can not deform, tear, distort or absorb too much moisture in the cycle of freezing / thawing. In terms of practicality, kraft paper is better than homogenous bleached kraft paper.


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