Introduction and Operation of Composite Paper in Ruifengli Paper Industry



1. Integrating anti-corrosion and packaging functions

2. The base material is wrinkle paper, which does not contain rust potential.

3. Waterproof and moisture-proof function, low water vapor permeability

4. It has excellent physical strength and elongation and is suitable for machine winding packaging.

5. Paper is smooth and soft to prevent scratches on board surface

6. Easy to use and cost-effective


The methods of producing composite paper include wet process, dry process, hot melt process and extrusion process. Neutral composite packaging paper is widely used in short-term protective packaging of narrow strip shear board. The form of supply is disc.


In the process of shearing distribution, metals are usually cut into narrow strips of different widths according to customers'requirements and transported to destination customers.

During storage and transportation, corrosion and mechanical damage are prone to occur due to environmental impact, so anti-corrosion packaging is needed. Wrinkle-clad composite paper can prevent steel plate from rusting during storage and transportation through its unique base material and good barrier property. At the same time, the product has a certain elongation, especially suitable for machine winding packaging of narrow strip sheets.


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