Manufacturing technology of copy paper

Copy paper is a kind of high-grade cultural industrial paper which is very difficult to produce. Its technical characteristics are as follows:
With high physical strength, excellent uniformity and transparency, and good appearance, fine, smooth, smooth, no bubble sand, good printing. The production of general printed paper is divided into two basic processes of pulp and paper making. Pulping is a mechanical method, a chemical method, or a combination of the two methods to dissociate plant fiber material into natural pulp or bleached pulp. Paper making is made of pulp fibers suspended in water and processed into various kinds of pages that meet all kinds of requirements.
Paper mills generally need to store enough raw materials for 46 months, so that raw materials are naturally fermented in storage, which is conducive to pulping and ensuring the continuous production of paper mills. The reed, wheat straw and wood are cut into sheet or wood by the preparation section, and the small pieces of raw material are put into the steamer, and the chemical liquid is added to the steamer. The steam is used to stew, the raw materials are boiled into pulp, or the wood is broken to the mill on the mill, and then the pulp can be cooked to a certain degree. Then rinse the pulp with a large amount of water, and remove and remove the coarse pieces, knots, stones and sand from the pulp through screening and purification. According to the requirements of paper, bleach is used to float the pulp to the required whiteness, and then beating with the beating equipment. Then a variety of materials, such as filler, glue and sizing agent, are added to the pulp, and the paper is cleaned and screened again. Finally, the paper machine is sent to the paper machine through the mesh filter, squeezing dehydration, drying cylinder, and pressing the light volume, and rewinding or cutting out the roll paper and flat paper. If the production needs to produce coated printing paper, it is necessary to dry the middle part or produce it into web after coating.
In addition to the above basic process, there are some auxiliary processes, such as preparation of boiling liquid, preparation of bleaching liquid, preparation of glue, and the recovery of chemicals and heat in the waste liquid and waste gas. How to judge whether it is a really good copy paper? In fact, it is very simple, first check the appearance of its appearance is smooth, fine, uniform transmittance second check its physical strength performance, indicating a high tearing degree, indicating that the transparency of the copy paper is higher, indicating the higher the quality. Usually, a good copy paper, taking 17g/m2 copy paper as an example, can usually cover 6-8 layers, which is excellent to 12 layers.

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